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GOOD PRAXIS is a socially aware digital agency based in London providing a variety of digital services, including the creation of websites, web applications and digital experiences. We’re a personable team and we work together in partnership and friendship – we extend that to clients too. It is important to us to work in a collaborative, transparent manner, with a clear understanding of needs and goals.

As a socially aware digital agency we will be able to help you create projects that are sensitive to the issues and topics that you are addressing and to create a message that is respectful, inclusive, and that can allow to build trust with your audience.

We are one of 7000 registered cooperative business in the UK. This co-operative structure means equality and democracy in the workplace is always centred, and we’ve found the flat structure of our studio is conducive to adding perspective and developing ideas, platforming a range of voices and expertise.

We’re pleased to say we work with many of our clients again and again, establishing long term relationships and supporting organisational goals as these adapt and change to developing environmental, industry or user needs. We believe this results in the best work and is reflective of our instincts to build connected and productive relationships.

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