Secret Lair
Magic the Gathering
Art direction
Software Development
User interface design
Digital Design

Magic The Gathering’s Secret Lair is a series of limited edition collectable card sets. In May 2020, Wizards of the Coast announced the Secret Lair Summer Superdrop, featuring five distinct sets that ranged from tattoos to ornithology.

To support Secret Lair Summer Superdrop, we collaborated with YRS TRULY to prepare a series of curated themed live shows on Twitch. They featured creators from both the MTG sphere and outside of it, involving them in quizzes and talent shows.

The activation took place on the Twitch channel of popular MTG creator Luis Scott-Vargas, who was joined by fellow MTG streamer GabySpartz, as well as gaming journalist and host Alysia Judge. Every day, a different creator would join them for a talent show. Guests included tattoo artist Rebecca Vincent, body painter Melissa Croft, DIY YouTuber Odin Makes and illustrator Dan Mumford.

To maximise engagement, we created a custom app for Twitch in Python allowing viewers to vote and actively participate in the quiz as part of the stream. We also developed the branding and design of the Twitch overlays.