Lovage Project's Website

Lovage Project is an ethical, sustainable and vegan catering service and community café based in South London. They are an established not-for-profit food project and aim to provide freshly cooked plant based nutritious meals for the local community.

Lovage Project
Website design

At Good Praxis we want to support local communities and provide high quality, bespoke and affordable digital services to good causes.

The design brief centred around bright, vegetable and fruity colours, a friendly look and feel, and a simple and accessible layout, which doesn’t look too corporate and, as requested by the client, doesn’t use white backgrounds. We wanted to avoid pastel colours and gradients, and came up with a bold five colour palette.

The website was built using Wagtail CMS and lets the client control every aspect of the site. This includes creating example menus, updating all of the imagery and rich text content across all subpages. The content management system is very easy to use and requires very minimal training to get going.

As with all of our projects, we made sure that the site is accessible and works well across all platforms and devices.

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Working with Good Praxis was a pleasant experience. The friendly and professional team that I worked with really listened to help translate my ideas into a website that I am proud of. They had extensive knowledge of website building but also took on my suggestions so it felt very collaborative
Iga Strapko,